Kemi (Finland): SnowCastle

Snow Castle 2013

Once again the SnowCastle of Kemi is being built, this winter the seventeenth time in a row, right in the centre of the City of Kemi. The first SnowCastle in 1996, was a gift from the UNICEF together with the City of Kemi to all the children in the whole wide world.

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Sistema Bibliotecario Bresciano

E’ fruibile online il nuovo portale denominato “MediaLibraryOnLine”, la biblioteca digitale quotidiana, con contenuti digitali che spaziano dai libri, alla musica (audiostreaming and Mp3) agli argomenti suddivisi per categorie (arte, film ,musica, economia, lavoro) nonchè un’edicola con molti quotidiani e periodici e banche dati. Raggiungibile all’indirizzo:



Gammelstaden (Luleå Old Town)

Gammelstad, at the head of the Gulf of Bothnia, is the best-preserved example of a ‘church village’, a unique kind of village formerly found throughout northern Scandinavia. The 424 wooden houses, huddled round the early 15th-century stone church, were used only on Sundays and at religious festivals to house worshippers from the surrounding countryside who could not return home the same day because of the distance and difficult travelling conditions. (Unesco description)



Finnish school system

Harvard professor Tony Wagner explains how the nation achieved extraordinary successes by deemphasizing testing……

Finnish school

So, Finland basically focuses on teachers and not on domestic testing. Those PISA tests that you cite are international assessments.

That’s absolutely right. There is no domestic testing except a very quiet auditing program to test demographic samples of kids; not for accountability, not for public consumption, and not for comparison across schools. The fascinating thing is that because they have created such a high level of professionalism, they can trust their teachers. Their motto is “Trust Through Professionalism.” The difference between the highest performing school in Finland and the lowest performing school in Finland is less than four percent, and that’s without any testing at all….”