Finland: Kemi and Lapland

It’s thinking of this land and in particular to this city that I find moods, feelings, emotions and memories of friends with whom I shared many experiences. As suggested by the “wonder town” theme, a tourist arriving in Kemi is bound to be astonished.
The enterprising spirit and culture of Kemi have always included a touch of creative madness.
With the town fathers still eager to embrace wild ideas, Kemi will most definitely offer original and personal travelling experiences! Where else can you see the crown of the king of Finland? And where else can you cruise an ice-covered sea in the dead of winter on a large icebreaker and swim in the freezing cold water without getting wet? Or where can you dine and stay overnight in a SnowCastle – let alone get
married in one? In Kemi, the City of Snow and Sea! In the summer, Kemi is a seaside town – and has always been so. The Kemi guest marina for
visiting boats is well-known among the yachting community for its excellent services. For the land-bound, our sailing and cruising traditions offer a myriad of marine experiences. Kemi is also a cruise destination, with several foreign ocean liners with their thousands of passengers visiting the town each year. For them, the northern part of the Gulf of Bothnia and the magic of the midnight sun are unforgettable experiences.

According to friends of Kemi, will soon be inserted links.

Well, here a beatiful song from Rita Rantamo, friend and colleague. She has a musical group. The title of song “O kaimos” in greek.



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